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my memory sucks.......and LJ is my crutch [Aug. 1st, 2005|09:34 pm]
[mood |i don't fucking know you pick]
[music |R. K."trapped in the closet"part 1part 4part 2 in that order]

I want to keep up with this shit so i don't forgot what awesome stuff i do, well the month of july is done and over with, and it is my favorite month of the year not only is my birthday on it but i usually do some awesome stuff, i will try to summerize what went on this past month!!!!!

july 1st - don't remember

july 2nd - hmmmm don't remember

july 3rd - bought illegel fireworks from a cop and for the festivities and got really drunk!!!

july 4th - BBQ with the family and went to fleetwood i am sure and got new cell phone

july 5th - went to fleetwood again, and worked

july 6th - fleetwood then drank.....again and hung out with the ladyfriend

july 7th - went to canada and with the ermans and saw my long lost buddies from ruth's hat

july 8th - my birthday, hung out with the chica, dinner with the fam, and drank WAY too much with the friends

july 9th - hang over EXTREME, and went to the bar with the boss

july 10th - chilled with the sugga she was sad, worked i am sure

july 11th - went to the bar again with the road house cronies to maggies and work

july 12th - hhhmm....drink???? and work, helped kelly, kelly, and keira move out

july 13th - WHITESNAKE!!!!!..............remembered(hung out with david)

july 14th - interview at CEI....and got the job

july 15th - SHIT!?!.....oh i remember went to work then got drunk with the boss at the bar

july 16th - went to a wedding drank and had a gleeful time

july 17th - worked

july 18th - hung out with kelly in the mourn, then went home sleepted worked then went home got drunk, then had to go pick up kelly at the bar around 2:30 in the mourning, ended up staying the night cause i didn't want drive all the way back home

july 19th - woke up, and left kellys and went to work

july 20th - i don't know..........but i know i worked

july 21st - worked then went over jessie and jackies apartment for alittle fun

july 22nd - worked then went to the green door with buddies (road house buddies) at the green door

july 23rd - worked then went to my cousins kickass open house ate good food, and went to auggies for my going away party stayed with kelly.

july 24th - my last day at the texas road house, again....but this time it was for real......for now........i hope...........dear god i hope

july 25th - first day at CEI, and meeting the new crew, went to the fleetwood again

july 26th - more cable guy work

july 27th - drink alittle more, more cable

july 28th - CABLE!!! and babysit with ladies

july 29th - partied with ian, went to ghetto-riffic and ice cream soical

july 30th - caught up with my sleep, average about 5 hours a night since new job, then went to the casino and won 150 bucks

july 31st - sleept in and then went to the road house to visit kelly and spread the wealth went home and hung out with the cousins i haven't seen in such a long time

ok i guess it wasn't that awesome but i had a good time and if i missed anything please tell me. i grew alittle, i died alittle, i was hurt, i was trashed, i smoked to much, i laughed to little, i pooped too much, i worked too much, i haven't swam all year, i rode a mechanical bull, i was lame, i didn't talke, i didn't share, i was loved, and i didn't love back.........
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safari van [Jul. 8th, 2005|04:45 pm]
[mood |chipperchipper]
[music |smoking popes stuck in my head]

todays my birthday........so i am just throwing that shit out

plus if your 21 your more then welcome to come out to omars tonight to celebrate at around........shit i don't know
give me a call for details 862-4895

peace out
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guess who's back.......BACK AGAIN [Jun. 5th, 2005|10:36 pm]
[mood |lovedloved]
[music |Chappelle's Show]

sup bitches, lot of shit has gone down, gotta a new car, moved out, smoke more, drink more, have a scar on my left thumb and a scar on my right middle finger and i am love........with life!

so if you want to hear my stories, drink at my bar, play my roomies arcade's or just drink my beer give me a shout out and blow me up on this shit 517 862-4895

"when white people go broke they PANIC......when black people go broke they PLAN-IT!!!"
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Juicebox Memories and Bloody Noses [Mar. 27th, 2005|10:38 pm]
[mood |calmcalm]
[music |bypassing, and trying to survive]

MarkCruceWhoaaOh:I know one of these gallery links she has must have pictures of her naked

MarkCruceWhoaaOh:Baaahh no luck

MarkCruceWhoaaOh:And I weep at night


MarkCruceWhoaaOh:Well let's go eat food

Mathis82:well is your boner gone?
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frosty fingers all up in my rolls [Mar. 23rd, 2005|11:22 pm]
[mood |impressedimpressed]
[music |spring break shark attack]

the month of march is.....has been but a cliche......MADNESS

i figure i gotta put this shit down, or else i won't remember, and i like updating this bitch no matter how much of a loser you think i am, well when i remember to update.

lets see...march first, fuck if i know, i don't remember, what i do remember was

on friday march 4th
i hung out with my buddies, and won a kickass game of poker. We were getting ready for tomorrow when the bachelor partying will begin the following day

saturday march 5th
i went with my boys to winsor to get drunk and gamble, where i won some 11-12 dollars(canadian) Then headed to a strip club where i spent at least 4 hours...and OH shit i just remembered that i later at my hotel room i gave a girl my number while she gave me a cigarette, she is from E.L. and thats all i remember, then she complemented me on my hair, but who doesn't...but the next day

sunday march 6th
we rode back into the good'ol US of A like fucking sailers from a long voyage on the sea, and ate some kickass BD's Mon-Gon BBQ. Although it wasn't such a good idea after all cause it gave me gas, and gas with a tummy full of beer and spicey stir-fry was not the way to go with a car full of dudes. But there isn't much you can do when all your bro's are singing the great malinko...ha'ha'HA'HA
whichs takes me to later on that night where i hung out with Ian and drank some more and slept in his sleeping bag, where the next day...

monday march 7th
we took a ride with ben to detroit, where the had some creative differences with royce, so we drank our troubles away in alvins where boose, squid, and juice hosted us to a well being.

tuesday march 8th
was the infamous photo shoot where i was the photographer and i took many crappy pictures of straping young lads which ultimatle ended us up at the capital where none other than Sr.Sauter was there to greet us and acompany us to not only more infamous vanerman pics, but ian and i had the pleasure of eating my kins poison. then we went our seperate ways. but later on during the day i worked, and after work i got stoned with some hotties from work where then i decieded to chill tomorrow

wedensday march 9th
i think just worked today, cause i really don't remember anyhing other than that on this day but the following day

thursday march 10th
i told them bitches at work that i wasn't gonna go in so that i can catch some seriously good tunes at macs with the ermans the tease and all my home boys and girls that i hang with on such nights, of coarse we theios-it-up and i did my usual hungryman stance.

friday march 11th
was the infamous day before the wedding, i ran around with the groom and picked up my tux and ate some ruby tuesdays, then went to rehersal, then to FINELYS!?!?! where the rehersal dinner was at, and i showed off my kickass phlask to everyone there and i also said my goodbye and good luck to a good man named AL. *oh shit i went to jasons this night to i just added*later that night i got trashed and i didn't get up until about

saturday march 12th
12:00pm which i ended up getting the groom a little late for his own wedding cause i was his ride. then at the wedding i did my usher raymond thing, then at the reception i danced and drank like i have never danced and drank before, i beleive i pasted out once, and was the only guy doing the cha-cha slide if that gives you a hint of my well-being. then i ended up getting "dirty" later on that night.

sunday march 13th
was more like a bad headache rapped in a stomache ache with a hint of failing liver. I think i just stayed at home and sleept the whole time, but i don't remember doing anything after words

monday march 14th
i believe was a shitty day at work and i cleaned my room abit then prepared my self for another weak ass day at ork

tuesday march 15th
i worked all day then was invited to the crazy cooky st. pattys day celebration at jakes on thursday. So i worked my ass off some more, and talked mr. sandman into telling me a lylaby

wedensday march 16th
i worked all day again, made more eniemes and shook the crime stick at the ones i loved. i believe i stayed up playing need for speed this night or was it the night before, i don't remember.

thursday march 17th st. patties day
i worked in the morning then headed to jakes where i got wasted again, hung out with my cock out and toasted the night away with irish dittis and met a really hot slutty mexican girl whom i forgot her name as well but she invited me to some frat party the next night, but little did she knew i had some very important government business to do the next day

friday march 18th
my brother in arms, cale called me up and we went to novi where we dropped off "how to" tax forms to libraries and chated up the shit, and listen to leaked albums and gave our two cents on them. I picked up a new jacket and shirt. after 5 hours on the road we went to shoelaces show, and then to east lansing where i paid a dollar to lose my hat and talk to krohn, and then back to shoelaces jam, then to the fleetwood to eat and further our screenplay with out title

saturday march 19th
i sleept all day then reallized i left my phone in my car where i missed a bunch of calls and responded to one of the messages which was the invited from my boy ryan to a party out at the dorms. where needless to say i got drunk again from left over keg beer, which was green, and i was being hitting on from some fatties so my boy saved me and i left and we just crashed at his place.

sunday march 20th
i worked all day again and i believe i sleept even more later that night

monday march 21st
i went to apples with ben and listen to great jams like, your an ocean, some billy shakespear song, and some moby jam, body rock then i went to work.

tuesday march 22nd
ran around did some erruns and then i attempted to clean my room, but i at some really good chinnese food

wedensday march 23rd
i worked today then went home and watched american idol, then hoped on this bad boy and decieded to update but during my up date i got three calls and one of the was from ben and i gotta go to the fleetwood where i will tell him about me going to lunch on

thursday march 24th
with cale then maybe hanging out with my cus carlos then

friday march 25th
catch a cup of joe with kristen, and maybe during these days or later ones i will hang out with you unitl then.....
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Placing dollars in my MOUTH!!!!!.....Canadian Dollars!!!!! [Mar. 6th, 2005|03:56 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |My VoiceMails]


I ate good food

I gambled

I dance'd (actually, watched girls dance)

I made friends

I drank


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.....at a slow crawl [Feb. 28th, 2005|10:33 pm]
[mood |geeky]
[music |reading maps........painting dreams]

i need help on my homowork......

Solve for X

U + ME = X
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gallagher is still alive!?!?! [Feb. 24th, 2005|11:28 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |flurries in my mind]

shit.....i forgot what i was gonna put in here

it seems like everytime i come to update this horrible contraption i forget what i was gonna write

what i do know is.....

in a week, i will be cooler than you
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i buble' in my pants [Feb. 16th, 2005|12:31 am]
[mood |restlessrestless]
[music |willie horton swinging a baseball bat]

i almost died today at work do to faulty equipment......thats all
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WILD BOYS!!!! - clap clap WILD BOYS!!!!!!!! - clap clap [Feb. 7th, 2005|01:52 am]
[mood |awake]
[music |emogame mess]

guess who's alittle drunker, alittle poorer, and a whole lot more LAME!!!!!!!!

damn grids, damn poker, damn bowl game, damn women......you take my money

"S.O.S, very emergency.....very emergency!" - PR

"your eyes where covered in sunglasses when they first met mine" - NFG

"Hold on little girl, how me what he's done to you" - Mr.B
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